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Martin LukesDear Jo and the WRC Organising Team, Thank you for creating that memorable WRC experience over your way. It must have been a monumental effort to create the event and design the course. It was a challenging event; a real test underfoot and between the ears. I managed to pull out a Spinifex thorn last night from my hand; I think NZ customs missed that bit of Oz plant matter. Hopefully you can get to enjoy other people's events now. Kind regards Martin Lukes
Andrew DuerdenThis was my second WRC event and I have lost count of how many other rogaines I have competed in. This was by far the best in location, course and organisation. I'd like to send a personal thanks to all of those amazing people who dedicated their time and money in bringing this event to us for such a small entry fee. It was a truly professional experience.
David PolandDear Rogaining Organisers Please convey my thanks to everyone What a fantastic rogaine that was Excellent control placements with lots of options for easy return to hashhouse for those with sore feet yet still lots of stuff for the hard core to pick up The ANC food was fantastic and the welcome from volunteers was inspiring So well planned executed In such a remote location and so many difficult logistics I am sorry my feet would not allow me to collect more than one control on the Sunday afternoon If you have a short article I am happy to include it in the Orienteering ACT Newsletter Well done with the weather too ! David Poland
PS WilliamsHi David/Julie, Just a quick one before more time passes ... brilliant job with the map and setting of the event. It was of outstanding quality and much appreciated (even though I do like vague maps :) ). The placement was brilliant in terms of avoid trivial route choices globally and between each control were the land was comparable. Just an outstanding result. It was a level above the very high WRC level - an elite level out there on its own. Brilliant, Wil
Lynne DaviesDear organisers and volunteers, We attended and participated (I would not say competed!) in the WRC. It was incredibly well organised and the volunteers were fabulous. Thank you all for such a great event in such a spectacular setting. It was outstanding. Lynne
Rob ReddickPat and I have returned safely and well from our great trip down under. Here are quick comments on the memorable trip: Qantas got us 13,864 kilometers safely to Alice Springs and then back home to Seattle, with Sydney fog and Brisbane equipment issues which caused no problems other than delays. Hotels in Alice Springs and Brisbane were top notch, with superior service. Bus transportation to and from the event, and cabins at the RRR Hash House were very good. The rogaine was the best ever seen for outstanding organization. My volunteer duties were so few that I spent time at the following actions, all of which were obviously overstaffed by very knowledgeable volunteers who were always at hand to help the competitors: Check-in for volunteers and competitors. Appreciated the free volunteer shirts and hats, and all purchased event mementos. Food service for all meals at the HH. Pat enjoyed visiting with many new friends while cutting up tomatoes for salads and making cheese toasties. The IRF meeting (but people dining in the same room made it hard for me to hear – my personal handicap.) The water supply and manned water controls (sadly, not given control scores), with Warren Smith giving a great briefing to some 20 volunteer staff! Think of that!!! The map issue Saturday morning, only 5 minutes for about 350 teams. The announcements on the PA system with two big speakers, which was always in the right place and working!!! The handouts and the verbal instructions on the event details – superior!! The medical support by St. John Ambulance– with the treatments for two injuries, (sneakers worn)(one serious fall) that I heard about. The awards ceremony, with thanks given to the supporting Northern Territories sports organization and the land owners. I heard of one team volunteering to retrieve controls – of many. The fun had with visiting long-term friends and new neck scarf and headlamp vendors – all fine people. Jane Phillips’ report on the wild horses seen near the HH. I hope to inspire and coordinate all of you addressees to write up short paragraphs for an Orienteering/North America article on this event, to be published soon. Please send to me and to Donna Fluegel, editor, very soon ---- before you forget! Please! If you were there – this means you! Richard Robinson led the production of a rogaine that should be a model for all future rogaining events around the world. Cheers, Bob Reddick 2016 Volunteer Staff member

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