Who can enter the WRC2016?

Anyone can enter the 2016 World Rogaining Championship. You must have a team and teams are restricted to 2 or 3 people. It is possible to enter without experience in a rogaining championships or a 24 hour rogaine. Previous experience in orienteering, adventure racing or trail running is useful if you haven't competed in a rogaine before.

When and where will the WRC2016 event be held?

The event will be held close to Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia.  Alice Springs is a remote location, and approximately the centre of Australia. The event date is 23 July 2016.  Further details are found on the Location page.

What is that area like? I've never been there before!

This is a semi-arid region, with challenging terrain dominated by rock formations, sandy dry watercourse beds and spur/gully features. There is more detail on the Environment page.

When do Entries Open?

Entries opened on 23 October 2015.

Will the Event sell out?

There is a limit of 800 entrants plus volunteers, due to the capacity of the Ross River Resort.  The initial entry phase giving preference to pre-qualified teams has expired, however up to 80 places are reserved for wildcard entries until 3 months before the event. When 720 people have confirmed their entry, further registrations will be waitlisted.

Where can I stay?

There are a number of options available, from hotels in Alice Springs to free camping available at the Ross River Resort for entrants. Other support people can camp at Ross River Resort for a small fee. See Accommodation for more details.

What equipment do I need?

Please read the Mandatory and Recommended Gear for details. This describes any recommended gear specific for the area.

Is there somewhere that I can practice?

There will be a Model Course that will allow practice in the week before the event to allow visitors to familiarise themselves with the Environment and conditions. There are numerous events held by State Associations prior to the WRC2016.  Please look at the ARA website for details.