Registration Process


The Pre-Qualification criteria for 14WRC2016 is determined by the IRF and have applied to all WRCs since 2010. The following outlines the Pre-Qualification and Entry process.


Entries will open on 23 October 2015 and the total number of entrants will be restricted to 800 people. This is a limitation imposed by the facilities available to the event at the Ross River Resort.  Gaining entry to 14WRC2016 is a two-step process, requiring initial online team entry(providing team member details with relevant pre-qualification experience and no fee is charged for this initial entry). Then subsequent team entry (acceptance offer entry email sent, with subsequent team payment of all members, along with selection and payment of optional extras: merchandise, meals, bus, accommodation or gear options). There is a limitation of either 2 or 3 people per team as per IRF rules for World Rogaining Championships.  Team members must be entered together and must be accepted (i.e. conditions accepted and paid in full) together. There are two time phases to the entry process, and it is to the competitor's advantage to enter as soon as possible. Any team (i.e. with or without pre-qualification) wishing to participate in 14WRC2016 is able to enter from 23 October 2015.

Phase One Pre-Qualification Entry (Friday 23 October 2015 - Thursday 5 November 2015)

The Phase One entry period will run for 14 days from 23 October 2015 to be followed by the Phase Two entry period. You must have participated in a 24-hour rogaine in the past 2 years to register in Phase One. Phase One is the time when teams that have attained Pre-Qualified Entrant (PQE) status can use this status to obtain preferential entry. PQE status is granted to those teams who have placed at either previous World Championships or National Championships (see the Entry Criteria, or the list of Pre-Qualified Entrants).  A maximum of 80% of Phase One entries are reserved for PQE status teams, and a minimum of 20% of the available entrant places will be reserved for non-PQEs. However, any PQE positions not taken up during Phase One will be made available to non-PQE entrants. Note that in the previous five WRCs, the PQE positions have never been fully taken up during Phase One.

All teams that are eligible for any Under-23 Categories are treated as Preferred PQEs and thus almost assured of having their entries accepted, provided you apply during Phase One. If over 800 competitors register in Phase One then there will be a ballot of all the non-PQE applicants for the available positions. In order for non-PQEs to be eligible for that ballot, you must indicate at Pre-Qualification entry that you have participated in at least one 24-hour rogaine in the two years prior to the opening of Pre-Qualification entry. Note also that if such a ballot is required then 50% of the available positions will be made available to applicants from outside of Australasia.

  • Entry Criteria
  • Automatic Pre-Qualified List
  • Preferred Status Pre-Qualified List
  • Under Represented Categories List
  • Wild Card List
  • 24hr rogaine in the past 2 years
    • There is no list; simply enter the URL to the results for the event during the entry process.


Phase Two Entry (Friday 6 November 2015 - onwards)

From the beginning of Phase Two there is no longer a pre-requisite of having participated in a 24-hour rogaine in the prior two years. All interested competitors, including novices, will have unrestricted access to any available entry positions from the commencement of Phase Two.


Note also that there will be 80 wildcard places available for the event, 8 of which are at the discretion of the ARA and 8 at the discretion of the IRF under advice from the 14WRC2016 organising team.


The Appeals Committee for any disputes arising from the entry process will comprise: Lauri Leppik, Bud Laird and Pete Squires.