The Hash House (start/finish location) is situated at the Ross River Resort (RRR) (which is also known as the Ross River Homestead) and is approximately 80km east of Alice Springs on a sealed all-season 2-wheel-drive bitumen road.

Alice Springs is located in the centre of Australia, and is a small city with good amenities (supermarkets, motels, hotels, restaurants, cafes, outdoor gear shops etc).

When planning your travel to the event it is strongly recommended that competitors include an allowance to spend time on the Model Course. The Organisers consider that time spent on the Model Course will assist teams with their course planning.

By Air:

The 2016 World Rogaining Championships has teamed up with Qantas, Australia’s national airline, to provide an opportunity for event participants and other rogainers to help support the event. By booking your air travel with Qantas via the link on the event website the WRC organising team get a contribution from Qantas towards the air travel required for key event volunteers. For Australian domestic travel the fare you pay will the same as you would pay if you booked direct with Qantas. For international travel Qantas had originally offered a discount to the fares available via direct booking. Unfortunately this discount has not yet been implemented by Qantas and they are unable to confirm when or if it will be.

This arrangement is available on ALL Qantas flights between 23 June 2016 and 23 August 2016. You do not need to be an entrant in the event nor do you need to be traveling to or from the event to gain the benefits of this arrangement. The more people who book via the link on the right side of this page the more benefit to the event. Note that we have set the event entry fees on the assumption that the vast majority of people coming to the event will book their air travel via this link so we ask that all WRC participants consider Qantas as their preferred airline and book via the link. Finally please note that the drop down menus in link shown to the right may not work in some web browsers. If it does not work for you please try an alternative browser.

If you are coming to the event from outside Australia we recommend that you book your Australian domestic travel as part of your international booking as that will normally get you the best fare deal. Finally please note that there are limited air services in and out of Alice Springs and everyone is encouraged to add some sightseeing or other activities to their trip before and/or after the WRC to reduce the risk of very high demand on a few days pushing the fares up or flight delays leading to problems. Note that there will be orienteering events in Alice Springs on the Tuesday and Wednesday before the WRC to give visitors an opportunity to gain some additional familiarity with the terrain so consider factoring these into your travel plans also

Alice Springs is serviced by the Australian domestic airlines, Qantas and Virgin Airlines, and is approximately a 3 hour flight from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth or a 2 hour flight from Darwin or Adelaide. Competitors are encouraged to travel to WRC2016 by air, due to the remoteness of Alice Springs.

By Road:

While it is possible to drive to Alice Springs, it will take a number of days to drive from any Australian capital city. Alice Springs is approximately 1500km from Adelaide or Darwin, and 2500km from Sydney, Melbourne or Perth.

Bus Transfers:

WRC2016 will provide a bus service from the Alice Springs town and airport to the Ross River Resort to assist interstate and international visitors. Bus departures are scheduled to coincide with domestic flight arrivals into Alice Springs. Bus bookings should be made at time of registration. Free camping at Ross River Resort is included with your WRC2016 entry fees.  See Accommodation for more details on options of camping, cabins, hotels etc.

Pick up / set down locations in Alice Springs town will be as follows.  Departure times indicate the time that the bus will depart the location in Alice Springs, subsequently visiting the airport shortly after.

  • Aurora Hotel (11 Leichhardt Terrace, Alice Springs, NT)
  • Chifley Resort (34 Stott Terrace, Alice Springs, NT)
  • Ibis Hotel (10 Gap Road, Alice Springs, NT)
  • Double Tree by Hilton (82 Barrett Drive, Alice Springs, NT)
  • Alice in the Territory (46 Stephens Road, Alice Springs, NT)
  • BIG4 MacDonnell Range Holiday Park (Palm Place, Ross, NT)
  • Alice Springs Airport
If you are flying to Alice Springs and need to get food or camping gas please catch a regular shuttle bus into Alice Springs town from the airport and do your shopping before meeting the rogaine bus at one of the Alice Springs pick-up points. There are no shops between the airport and the rogaine site.

Bus Schedule:

Buses will be available to Ross River Resort as follows:

Date Depart - Alice Springs  Arrive - Ross River Resort Depart - Ross River Resort  Arrive - Alice Springs
Thursday 21 July 2016       1100 1230    
  1530 1700    
Friday 22 July 2016 0900 1030    
  1200 1330 1400 1530
  1530 1700 1730 1900
Saturday 23 July 2016 0700 0830    



Buses will be available from Ross River Resort to Alice Springs as follows: 

Date  Depart - Ross River Resort  Arrive - Alice Springs
Sunday 24 July 2016 1500 1630
Monday 25 July 2016 0900 1030



Bus transfer pricing:
NOTE: Bus transfer bookings will close on 24 June 2016. No bookings will be possible after this date.

Option  Price 
Single bus ride (Alice Springs to or from the RRR)                       AUD$20    
Return bus ride (Alice Springs - RRR - Alice Springs AUD$35     



Commercial Operators:
Alice Springs Airport Shuttle

Option  Price 
Single bus ride (Alice Springs to/from airport)                             Available from commercial operators


Ross River Resort