Teslin map testing

The competition and model maps have now been printed. The original intention was to print both the same way, however this proved impossible to achieve.

The maps are both printed on Teslin paper. The model map (A4 = 21x30cm) was printed on a digital copier and the competition map (~A1 = 60x90cm) was printed using offset printing.

The model maps have been tested by taking them out for long runs, dipping in puddles, vigorous rubbing including in gravel, wetting and freezing. The printing is very resistant to any wear. The main wear points are along sharp creases if these are applied, particularly at corners if folded hard into a smaller piece. The control hanging will all take place using unprotected copies of the competition map over multiple days for a test of durability under simulated competition conditions. If anything that is different to the above is observed we will place notices around the Admin area providing this new information.

For those who like to mark their map during course planning, the following guidelines may assist:

  • soft pencils 4B to 6B are recommended to get reasonably visible markings. Harder pencils such as HB will barely make a mark on the paper.
  • highlighter pens of various brands have been tested. Faber-Castell has the best sticking power. Stabilo Boss and Artline mark the paper well but may rub off a little easier especially in wet conditions (which are not very likely). Paler colours such as yellow will fade quicker than orange or darker colours.
  • ballpoint pens and permanent markers such as Sharpie pens make very durable markings.

For those who wish to leave nothing to chance, applying contact to the printed side of the map will provide an extra level of security.

The control descriptions are provided on an A4 piece of plain paper - teams may wish to make their own notes on the map of control descriptions.